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Computer Studies

Co-ordinating Lecturer- Dr Mike Evans

“For all our courses, early enrolment is recommended to ensure that each student has a computer registration for the first week of the course”

Our courses are designed to give a student with very little knowledge of computing a sound foundation in particular areas. The course Computer Forensics Investigation and Response and the course Data Security and Networking are ideal for students who are managing a network of computers.

For those students with an interest in databases, the course Database Systems using Oracle is a good introductory course. Students wishing to create their own Web site should attend the course Web Development with HTML and CSS. The further courses PHP scripting for the Web and Using MySQL with PHP for the Web allow the student to enhance their Web Site.

There are many courses on other computer programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Visual Basic 2010, Awk, Perl and Python. Students on these courses develop their programming skills by writing programs to solve problems.

Three modules, namely C Programming I, C++ Programming and Shell and Perl Programming I, are offered as Free Standing Modules and students may study these modules as part of their undergraduate degree.

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Computer Studies Courses

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