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Computer Accounts

for students on accredited courses only

Why get an account?

With a Cardiff University computer account you will have your own e-mail address and access to a large body of software. You will also have Internet access which can provide many learning opportunities and will allow you to keep up to date with the Centre via this website. You can also use the University’s online LibrarySearch to search for books and journals and if you have a library card, you can check your library account and make reservations online.

How to get an account?

If you have enrolled on a computing course you will automatically receive a computer account – you need take no further action.

If you are enrolled on an accredited course in any other subject area you should complete the Computer Account Request Form here. Your username and password details will then be posted to you.

Terms and conditions

  1. Only students on accredited courses are entitled to a computer account at Cardiff University.
  2. Accounts will not be set up until the Centre has received payment from the student.
  3. Accounts will not be set up until the student has paid.
  4. Accounts which remain unused for a period of more than 3 months may be deleted.
  5. Students enrolling on a course in the following academic year will need to make a new application for an account.
  6. Acceptable use of accounts is governed by University Regulations.
  7. The University reserves the right to withdraw, without notice, access to a computer account if it considers that inappropriate use is being made of University facilities.

Where to find a computer

Students can use their username to login into any of the computers currently provided around the University for undergraduate students at the libraries.

Within the Continuing & Professional Education there are computers in the Cyber Café and within the Senghennydd Library.

Computing support

The Information Services Division Computing Centre operates an IT support service for Cardiff University students (help is also available from the libraries). Contact Advisory for help with software and Help Desk to report faults. .

Need more IT skills?

The Information Services Division regularly runs a large programme of IT training courses which are open to staff and students of Cardiff University. Courses are at basic, intermediate and advanced levels in the general areas of: