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Science and Environment

Co-ordinating Lecturer- Dr Zbig Sobiesierski

” Early enrolment is recommended for all courses to avoid disappointment.”

Science seeks to describe the world we live in, and the ability to wonder about, question and understand how things behave is very much a part of all our lives.

From January 2015, we have new courses on Coastal Wildlife, The English Landscape Garden Revisited and The Surprise of Victorian Gardens.

Whether you would like to learn more about how issues of sustainability and biodiversity are key to conserving scarce resources and protecting endangered species in

Conservation Management, discover low maintenance food growing and gardening techniques in Edible LandscapingDiscovering Unusual Food Plants or find out more about butterfly and dragonfly emergence and orchid flowering in Coastal Wildlife.

We know that there will be something of interest to you.

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Science and Environment Courses

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