A third CPD webinar: A dose of lunch time learning

Cardiff University’s Professional Development Team hosted a one hour Medical Risk: Lifestyles webinar on Friday 28th March, exploring the links between various lifestyle choices and health. Dr Niven-Jenkins led a discussion on today’s ‘hot’ topics of obesity, diet, activity levels, alcohol consumption and smoking, assessing their impact on medical risk.  The webinar was attended by medical underwriters and insurers and was delivered as part of an ongoing suite of Assessing and Managing Medical Risk programmes.


The webinar was a great success attracting top insurance companies from across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The new corporate booking option was well-received with several organisations choosing to screen the event to groups of colleagues, creating a shared learning environment.  There was a high level of participation from all attendees, with submission of some discussion-generating questions such as ‘have the introduction of e-cigarettes helped to combat the bad effects of smoking?’

Delegates from Legal and General commented: ‘Legal & General Bristol loved it!’; ‘The webinar provided appropriate and useful information that will assist in risk assessment.’

Business Development Manager, Clare Sinclair, said: “Cardiff University has a track record in delivering award winning and innovative professional development.  Offering the suite of Medical Risk Webinars is a natural progression for us.  The webinar enables the delivery of a concise learning experience and gives maximum impact while causing minimal disturbance to the working day.”

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A second CPD webinar: a dose of lunch time learning

Professional Development Team and Dr Nick Niven-Jenkins preparing for the lunchtime webinar

Underwriters and Claims Assessors from some of the top UK insurance and reinsurance companies benefitted from another successful webinar ran by Cardiff University as part of their on-going Medical Underwriting CPD offering to the insurance sector.  All 100 places for the webinar were taken; with some companies showing it on a screen in their offices so a number of staff could take part together.

Feedback from the participants showed the webinar to be a big hit, with one delegate stating it was “very enjoyable, informative and discussed conditions in a way which was straightforward and easily understandable”.

To ensure the webinar had minimal impact on an organisation’s day-to-day operations it was organised over a lunch hour.  Participants heard a presentation on Cardiology, specifically Arrhythmias including symptoms, prognosis, and treatments.  Participants were invited to take part in interactive polls and ask questions that were answered by the presenter during the session. Key points were tweeted during the session and a full recording of the webinar was made available to download.

Following the success of these webinars a third is being planned for December 2013.  The topic will be chosen based on the feedback received from those who took part and responses to Tweets.

Business Development Manager, Clare Sinclair said: “Cardiff University has an award winning track record in providing specialist medical professional development for the insurance sector.  The courses we run are delivered by using a mix of online and face-to-face teaching so delivering the webinar seemed an appropriate method to use to introduce learners to the type of teaching to expect on our courses and the education experience they will have.”

Cardiff University has over 10 years’ experience at delivering specialised Continuing Professional Development courses for the medical insurance sector.  Previous courses have greatly impacted the organisations that attended via cost savings from reduced cases being referred to external medical experts, reduced errors and improved quality of decisions, quicker decision making, improved customer service, increased delegate confidence, and increased confidence from reinsurers.

For further information on the course, please visit www.cardiff.ac.uk/train or call 029 2087 5274.

Engaging Stakeholders: The Surprising Truth

How do high performers engage people differently? A recent study by Patrick Mayfield, Managing Director of Pearcemayfield posed this question and drew some startling conclusions, particularly around identifying where the attention and effort of high performers actually focused.Cardiff University Project Management Alumni event

Patrick, author of Practical People Engagement, presented his findings at a recent Cardiff University Project Management Alumni event and ran a workshop to discuss some key issues raised. The presentation centred on the traits shown by high performing project managers. These ‘Alpha Traits’ were in three key areas – self-awareness, time invested in relationship building and allocating time to deal with the ‘unexpected’.

Patrick Mayfield observed: “Once again I was struck by the familiar challenges the Alumni shared about the difficulties posed by the people they work with. There are some very simple solutions, but we have been taught to look in the wrong places. I’m encouraged that, increasingly, we are seeing professionals leading people to significantly better outcomes. In these cases, everybody wins.”

Insights into the session were sent as ‘twitter teasers’ before the event with key points being tweeted live during the workshop via @CardiffUniCPD

Clare Sinclair from Cardiff University commented: “We selected the topic for the annual Project Management Alumni event as it was based on a current study that would provide useful and practical insights to help in the day-to-day job. During the event there was a real buzz in the room with interaction during the workshop being high.  Feedback from the session was very positive with the 2-hour breakfast format being praised as working well for busy project managers.”

Free webinar – Cardiology: Arrhythmias Friday 4 October.

Web Banner advertWe will be running a Free webinar on:

Cardiology: Arrhythmias
at 1pm, Friday 4 October.

This 40 minute interactive session will cover the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis as well as issues that these present for underwriting and claims management.

The session will be run by Dr Nick Niven Jenkins and will be interactive, with questions and the option to chat to Nick and the team.

You will be able to view this webinar live from your work or home computer or on your mobile devices.

We have extensive experience at developing and running successful courses for the Insurance sector – Assessing and Managing Medical Risk for Insurers

There are only 100 spaces available for this webinar so register now for this session at:


Should you have any queries please contact the Professional Development Team on:   

Summer Breakfast Workshops full of tasty tips

Along with the hot weather came three hot topics for the Summer Breakfast Workshops run recently by Cardiff University.  Customer Insights, Consulting Skill and Visual Management Techniques were the topics covered by highly respected experts from Cardiff Business School who ran the workshops as part of the university’s Professional Development Membership Scheme.

Over 60 delegates attended the workshops from a range of organisations.  Ruth Jordan from Cardiff and Vale Health Board attended the Consulting Skills workshop, “This was an excellent insight into consulting from a very engaging, knowledgeable speaker”.

Sarah Lethbridge, Executive Education Manager at Cardiff Business School commented, ‘time is precious to business so holding the 2 hour workshops early in the morning enabled the attendees to be back in the office by mid-morning.  The workshops were designed to be short, sharp and practical and to share the university’s research and knowledge with business.’

Insights into the sessions were sent as ‘twitter teasers’ before the workshops with key points being tweeted live during the sessions.

Free management workshops in partnership with Cardiff Business School

The Professional Development Team are working in partnership with Cardiff Business School to develop 3 new management workshops.  They will be offered free as early morning taster sessions, to CPD delegates, and Cardiff Business School Alumni.

The 3 topics to be covered are; Customer Insights , Consulting Skills and Visual Management Techniques.  High demand for sessions has meant the number of delegate places has been increased, with limited availability remaining.  Delegates are attending from a variety of organisations across South Wales.  Attendees will receive a free USB toolkit with useful resources and templates to use in their own time.

For those that cannot attend, @CardiffUniCPD will be tweeting live from the workshops with key tips and topics.

  • Customer Insights will be delivered by Michelle Rose-Innes, an associate of Cardiff Business School and an expert in design and how it can be used to improve the customer experience.
  • Joe O’Mahoney will be delivering the Consulting Skills workshop.   Joe is a senior lecturer in organisational studies at the Cardiff Business School.
  • Sarah Lethbridge will be offering a Visual Management workshop.  Sarah is a practitioner in lean concepts and tools and is based in Cardiff Business School.


Launch of new foreign language courses for businesses

As Export Week takes place, Cardiff University’s Professional Development Team would like to announce the new language provision designed specifically for businesses.

A recent British Chamber of Commerce survey shows that 61% of businesses consider a lack of foreign language skills to be a trade barrier. The new foreign language courses will help support local business to overcome this challenge.

Developed in consultation with local businesses and support organisations, the language courses, currently in French,  German and Chinese are scheduled to take place in June and July. In response to the recent British Academy report which highlights that languages are needed at all levels, the courses have been developed for people with different experience in foreign  language learning. Each course will be specifically targeted to business needs and will fit around work commitments.

Clare Sinclair, Business Development Manager, said: “Export Week takes place to promote the value of exporting to businesses around the UK; it’s fantastic that we are able to unveil our business language courses during this key time of the year”.

The new business language courses expand on the current language learning provision the University offers. Dr Catherine Chabert, Co-Dean of Continuing & Professional Education and foreign language specialist, said: “Our language courses are wide-ranging, covering a spectrum of languages spoken around the world. I welcome the new language for businesses courses to our provision and I urge local businesses to come and take advantage of our expertise.”

Examples of the kind of training on offer include short half day sessions for those who have not learnt a language before but want to be able to meet and greet international visitors, to more intensive training for those who want to develop their existing skills to be able to use them in a professional context.  Bespoke training is also on offer for organisations with specific language needs.

Further information on the new courses can be found on the Cardiff University website: cardiff.ac.uk/modern-languages/about-us/translation-and-interpreting-services/

FREE beginners language taster sessions

To celebrate Adult Learner’s Week, we are offering organisations a FREE beginners French or German language taster session.

The short 45–60 minute sessions will act as a brief introduction to the language and up to 20 delegates could be accommodated.  The sessions will be business focused and activities may include composing an email as well as more interactive spoken exercises. Prior to or following this session, a member of the team will be available to discuss your current and future business language training needs.

Sessions are available from Monday 20th – Friday 24th May, and can be provided at your premises at a time to suit you.

Enrolment for these sessions has now ended. Please get in touch on train@cardiff.ac.uk if you’d like to discuss language options for your company.

Free Medical Risk Webinar

We will be running a Free webinar on Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease at 1pm, Friday 26 April.  This 40 minute interactive session will cover the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis as well as issues that these present for underwriting and claims management.  The session will be run by Dr Nick Niven Jenkins and will be interactive, with questions and the option to chat to Nick and the team.

You will be able to view this webinar live from your work or home computer or on your mobile devices.

We have extensive experience at developing and running successful courses for the Insurance sector.  Our Assessing and Managing Medical Risk for Insurers courses currently have spaces available.

There are only 100 spaces available for this webinar so register now for this session at attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/631906174592770816

Should you have any queries please contact the Professional Development Team on:

Celebrating 10 years of university and business engagement

Cardiff University and Legal & General’s partnership to develop and deliver specialist courses to medical underwriters has reached a significant anniversary. In 2002, L&G identified a need to up-skill experienced underwriters in the medical underwriting field, where the required specialist understanding is detailed and challenging. L&G’s perception was that there was an absence of training available on the market for underwriters in specialist medical topics.

Collaborative working and open communication are the key messages from the partners when asked ‘what are the key ingredients to long term university and business engagement?’ Clare Sinclair, Head of Cardiff University’s Professional Development Team said “Having been involved from the start of the 10 year relationship I am so proud of what the partnership between L&G and the university has achieved. Throughout the years we have worked together to continually develop and improve each course to ensure they offer a quality learning experience and meet the business needs of L&G.”

P1020906The relationship between L&G and the university to develop the courses originated in an ad hoc conversation between senior staff at a networking event. The result was a university accredited course, delivered in a flexible way and using varied modes of provision. Following the success of this course others followed year on year; each being re-designed or enhanced to accommodate the changing requirements of L&G.

10 years on and the courses have developed into Specialist Medical Modules attended by L&G staff from offices around the UK. A blended learning approach is used to ensure that learners can access and undertake the learning at their own pace before coming to the face-to-face days of the courses that are held in the university. The modules are adult learning focused and use practical, hands on workshops and real life examples and industry case studies to aid discussion and understanding of medical conditions.

Over the past 10 years the partnership has won awards including a National Training Award (Regional Prize) in 2004 & 2010 and been praised as demonstrating good practices for collaborative working between an HEI and a business. In addition ‘The Underwriting Academy’, as L&G refer to it has received support from the insurance sector. Drummond Watt, Individual Development Manager, Underwriting at L&G says “The Academy has received significant praise over the years from our reinsurance partners who confirm we lead the market in the way we continually develop our underwriters. Our excellent reputation has also attracted and retained the best underwriting talent in the market, as a direct result of the training and development opportunities on offer.”
During the 10 year relationship Cardiff University has gone on to develop a bespoke medical underwriting course for another insurance company and a suite of professional development modules open to insurance companies and designed to improve understanding of medical conditions and the implications for underwriting and claims risk assessment.

Providing continuing professional development (CPD) to businesses is an important form of knowledge transfer. Businesses can raise the skill levels of their workforce and learn about the latest academic ideas and research, while universities gain access to the latest developments in professional practice.

Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, Professor Colin Riordan commented: “I was delighted to hear about the many and varied links the university has with business. Celebrating its tenth anniversary the partnership with Legal & General is a great example of an innovative collaboration between a visionary business and a leading university. I am delighted to hear that the relationship continues this year with another Specialist Medical Module starting in March. It is strategic partnerships like these between business and university that will drive economic growth and enhance the UK’s reputation globally.”

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