Innovative pathways partnership engaging refugees gains recognition at UK Finals

Students studying part-time at Cardiff University’s Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) have secured a place in the final of the 2017 Enactus UK National Expo in London. The students are enrolled on the Pathway to a Profession and have recently completed Realising Your Potential in Business module which was delivered by Professor Tim Edwards, (Responsible Innovation Network, Cardiff Business School).


The Pathway to a Profession is a joint partnership between CPE, Cardiff Business School and the Welsh Refugee Council.  The project also works with Enactus, an organisation with the aim of inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.

The Pathway emerged from the need to offer refugees and asylum seekers with existing degrees from their home country and considerable work experience the opportunity to build prospects by developing social enterprise ideas inspired by a novel collaborative arrangement with the Cardiff University Enactus society that has partnered Enactus and Pathway students. Ideally this will assist the refugees to find work as soon as possible, to support their families and settle into their new life in Wales. It also offers the Enactus students valuable experience of working with members of the refugee community in ways that could potentially improve future openings for those Pathway students.

As part of their coursework and assessment the students developed a social enterprise presentation which was successful at the Enactus regional heats and secured a place in the national final. The presentation outlined how the partnership between CPE, Cardiff Business School, the Welsh Refugee Council and Enactus has created a unique opportunity to build a learning environment that enables asylum seekers and refugees to work with extremely able undergraduate students, in creating social enterprises directed to helping members of their community integrate more easily into their new lives in Wales. The Students have showcased their enthusiasm for social enterprise and their commitment to their studies.

Pathways to a Profession

The strength of this particular pathway, believed to be the first of its kind, is it enables students from non-traditional backgrounds to partner with undergraduate students to realise their potential.  Different departments and Schools at Cardiff University have effectively worked together with the Welsh Refugee Council to achieve widening participation aims. An immediate benefit for some of the Pathway Students has been the opportunity to progress onto an MSc in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Cardiff Business School.  The Pathway has been hugely successful and will continue to run in the next academic year to support future students to realise their potential.

Professor Tim Edwards commented: “It has been encouraging to see how the new partnership has emboldened the Pathway students to see how they might better their situations, working with our Enactus undergraduate students to devise social solutions. This has also been a remarkable opportunity for the Enactus students because they have seen the possibilities of social enterprise – how it can create mutual understanding and respect with individuals who are so often nameless faces lost in a crowd – long may the work continue.”

Iona Hannigan-Lewis (Welsh Refugee Council) commented:“One of the biggest issues facing refugees and asylum seekers in Wales today is the lack of opportunities for professional development. This then becomes a vicious cycle, as without work people become de-motivated, depressed, and socially isolated – and fall even further from finding employment. The success of this project is a fantastic example of how collaboration can build bridges, recognising and enabling the positive contribution that refugees can make to Wales.”

Why you study with us….

We recently asked our students to volunteer for a photoshoot.  We regularly need photos for our Choices prospectus, for our website and social media.  Thankfully volunteers come forward as they want to help us promote our courses or as one student put it “to give something back!”

The photoshoot was also a good opportunity to gather student feedback and testimonials so here is a taste of why people choose to study with us, what they achieve and why they would encourage everybody else to learn too.

Ekaterina Kulit has taken Public Service Interpreting and believes the course had: “Useful information and encouraging and supportive teaching”. Her advice to others “It’s never too late to start to do something you’ve been dreaming about all your life”.








Lex Lamprey has studied with us for many years including Astronomy and Exploring the Past modules and he believes he has gained “A sense of confidence in my own ability in my chosen subject areas. I’ve also met some incredible people and have made lifelong friendships.  The level of knowledge of the tutors is often extraordinary.  Some of the assignments have been challenging but I wanted a challenge when I signed up and that’s what I got”








Jane Lorimer has studied Edible Landscaping and Social Studies courses: “As a result of the Edible Landscaping course I completely re-planned my garden.  Three years on and I’m enjoying the fruits of these labours – literally!  Doing the Social Studies course made me realise that I had skills which were underused and I am retraining in the health/wellbeing sector.”  Jane would encourage others as: “Initially I was put off by thinking I didn’t have time to study as well as having a full time job, I’m sure others feel the same.  But increasing the diversity of out of work activities is very rewarding.  It’s fun learning new skills!”

28-2-17 Cardiff University Centre for Lifelong Learning -Choices Cover and Inside pictures.








If you would like to join Ekaterina, Lex and Jane and learn something new then we have many courses starting this April including:

Archaeology and Battle of the Sexes

Chinese for Beginners I

Introduction to Visual Basic

Java III

Using MySQL with PHP for the Web

Network Forensics

Scriptwriting (online)

Wonders of Nature

Exploring Creative Writing

Creative Writing Workshop

The French Revolution – the Greatest of all Revolutions

Professional Conduct in Public Services Interpreting

Digital Culture, Digital Lives

Composing Music (online)

The Mind’s I

The Making of the Modern Garden

Acceptance and Commitment Theory Skills


Group Shot

A Story to Inspire

Dr Dawn Mannay

Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences (Psychology)

School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

After leaving school with few qualifications, I worked in a range of jobs from factory production lines, to cleaning and retail. When I had my two children, I did similar part-time work but also started to take local community courses just out of interest. I had tried most of what was on offer locally from computers to salsa, when I saw a counselling course at my local high school.

It was a fascinating course and I was interested to continue but part-two was going to be held at Cardiff University. I couldn’t drive and had no idea where the university or Senghennydd Road was but I wanted to learn more, so I found the way. This course led to many more at Continuing and Professional Education CPE (formerly Centre for Lifelong Learning) where the tutors were really supportive and encouraged me to apply for a full-time degree at Cardiff University.

I began a degree in Psychology and Education. It was difficult balancing motherhood, work and study, and being much older than most of my cohort, but tutors from the Centre still offered support. After my degree, I got a funded place to study a Masters in Social Science Research, followed by a PhD. During this time I gave talks to students at the Centre about studying a degree and then came full circle, when I became a part-time tutor there, teaching the same courses that had been so central in my own journey.

I really enjoyed teaching and meeting so many students, then when I got my PhD, I got a post at the School of Social Sciences as a Lecturer.

I am now a Senior Lecturer and my time is split between teaching, research and writing. I recently edited a new collection for the University Wales Press (2016), ‘Our changing land: revisiting gender, class and identity in contemporary Wales’; and wrote a sole authored text for Routledge (2016), ‘Visual, narrative and creative research methods: application, reflection and ethics’. My research has focused on class, education, gender, generation, motherhood, and national identity; and I have a particular interest in inequality and marginalised communities.

Recently, I was Principal Investigator on a Welsh Government funded project exploring the educational experiences and aspirations of children and young people who are care experienced in Wales. This was a great project as it provided a chance for young people to talk about what they wanted to change. The research findings have influenced government policy, and practice; and they have been made into short films, artwork and music videos to help get these messages across to diverse audiences.

I would never have applied to university without the local community courses offered by Continuing and Professional Education and they are essential if universities want to widen participation and attract mature and non-traditional students. Students I spoke with and taught previously at CPE and out in the community, have now gone on to study degrees and PhDs, teach and to carry out research projects, and it is fantastic to see them doing so well.

Looking back on my learning journey, some of my most enjoyable times, both teaching and learning, were at CPE. I now run a mature students Coffee Club at Cardiff University so that students (just like I was), will always have a support system and opportunities to make new friends if they decide to go on to a full-time degree. There are lots of great courses and the Pathways to a Degree offer a range of subjects. If you are thinking of trying something new, this could be the start of an inspirational journey.

Delve into the history of the Welsh capital or explore our Welsh landscapes

As always the New Year can be used as an opportunity to try out something new so why not start today? All our courses are designed with adult learners in mind and cover a diverse range of subject areas.

We have two courses starting this month which are perfect if you’re interested in looking into local Welsh history. The first course, A History of Cardiff: From Roman Fort to Capital City, students will examine the main historical, social and cultural factors that have shaped Cardiff’s story. You will learn about the city’s early development in the hands of the Romans and the Normans, its growth as a county town and port, and the legacy of the Bute family. You will also explore the diverse activities that have preoccupied the lives of the people of Cardiff over the many centuries, from politics, education and religion to culture, recreation and sport. There are 10 weekly classes on Tuesday evenings 7.00pm – 9.00pm and the first class will be January 24th.

In the second course, Exploring Welsh Landscapes, you will discover how landscape archaeology examines how past societies used and perceived the environment around them and, as a discipline, borrows techniques and theories from several other fields of study. Making use of Welsh case studies, this module is designed to introduce students to the methodology and theoretical approaches utilised in landscape archaeology. The majority of sessions will have a practical focus, aiming to give students a ‘hands-on’ experience of using landscape approaches to examine the environment of the past. There are 9 weekly classes on Wednesday evenings 7.00pm – 9.00pm and the first class will be January 25th. The course also includes a field trip to a local archaeological site. For further details please see the website.  If either of these sound like your cup of tea, get in touch to book your space.

Phone: 029 2087 0000


Continuing and Professional Education, 21-23 Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AG

Twitter: @LearnCardiff


Exploring the Past Free Lecture Series

The Exploring the Past free lecture series, in collaboration with the Historical Association, continues to go from strength to strength this year. Each talk has had an excellent turn out with great feedback from attendees.  We’ve already covered a number of interesting topics including; looking at the role of women in medieval Wales, the significance of mirrors in magic and folklore and the dynamics of community archaeology.

The monthly talks provide an exciting window into research undertaken in history, archaeology, literature and religion and give adult learners an insight into the specific research going on in Cardiff University and further afield.  The next lecture will be held Wednesday 18th January and Dr William Purkis of the University of Birmingham will be discussing Souvenirs of the Sepulchre: Devotion to an Empty Tomb at the Time of the First Crusade.

If you’re interested in embarking on the Exploring the Past Pathway to a Degree, a number of modules are starting in January, including Exploring the Past: Archaeology. This 9 week course looks at what archaeologists actually do. Using a stimulating series of case studies, students are introduced to a variety of approaches and techniques for reconstructing past landscape and agriculture, technology, trade, diet, burial practices, beliefs, cultural identity and the lives of individuals and communities. The course will be delivered by Dr Christina Hatzimichael and Dr David Howell and David will coincidentally be giving a talk in February on Begging, Poverty and Heritage.

For more information on the free lecture series or the Exploring the Pathway, please contact Dr Paul Webster. Call 029 2087 5610 or email

Meet our Pathways Students

With the Pathway to a Degree Open Day in January, we thought we’d share with you what it’s really like to embark on a Pathways programme and spoke to one of our Inside Narratives students (Pathway to a Degree in English Language, Literature & Philosophy), Tammy Davies about her journey with Continuing and Professional Education.

“I was working through a series of dead-end call centre jobs and temporary administrative positions that left me worried about job security on a daily basis.  In 2013, Continuing and Professional Education launched Inside Narratives, the Pathway to a Degree in English Language, Literature & Philosophy. This is something I’d always dreamed of doing back home in Canada but it hadn’t been an option for me when I graduated from High School.

In my case, the Pathway, consisting of six modules studied over six months, prepared me for the level of academic knowledge required when I started my degree at Cardiff University.  I was terrified about embarking on a three year journey into Higher Education as I had not been at school for over 20 years!  The 60 credits I had earned on the Pathway carried over into my first year of degree studies so I only had to choose a further 60 credits, helping to ease me back into education.  The personal tutors, module leaders and my fellow students at Cardiff University were so supportive and encouraging that I really had nothing to worry about, in the end.  I’ve made friends as an Undergraduate that I know will be friends for life.  I’m currently halfway through my final year and excited about the opportunities and new career options open to me that were never available before I studied with Continuing and Professional Education.”

Tammy S Davies.

If this has inspired you to think about studying for a Pathway to a Degree, come along to the next Open Day. We offer part-time programmes in a range of subject areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • English Language, Literature and Philosophy (Inside Narratives)
  • Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (Our Media, Our World)
  • History, Archaeology and Religion (Exploring the Past)
  • Modern Languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish)
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Social Science
  • Translation
  • Healthcare

Date: Wednesday 11th January 2017

Time: 12.00 – 2.00pm

Location: Cyber Cafe, Continuing and Professional Education, 21-23 Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AG

If you can’t make the Open Day but would like more information please call 029 2087 0000 or email

Celebrate your achievements with family and friends at the Student Awards Ceremony 2017

Our annual Awards Ceremony will be held Friday 17th March 2017. Every year our students amaze with the commitment and enthusiasm they give to their studies and this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate their successes and share a great evening together.

The evening begins with a cheese and wine reception allowing students to mingle with tutors, fellow students, family and friends. A photographer is also on hand to capture the evening including when students receive their certificates. The ceremony will last approximately one hour.

Am I eligible for an Award?

To find out more and see whether you qualify for any of our Awards, go the website where you’ll find all the relevant information.

We also award six different prizes in acknowledgement of outstanding achievements.

  • D E Evans Prizes – awarded annually in memory of the late D E Evans, the first person to be appointed Tutor-in-Charge of Extra-Mural Studies in the College.
  • Elsie Pritchard Prize – awarded annually to the best student submitting work for either Welsh or Local History courses. In memory of Elsie Pritchard.
  • Patricia Clark Memorial Prize – awarded annually to a Humanities student who has either made outstanding progress throughout the year, or written an exceptional essay, or other assignment, on a topic connected to their course theme.
  • Leonard and Marian Jones Music Prize – awarded annually to a student who has either made outstanding progress throughout the year, or completed an exceptional assignment, on any musical topic.
  • Leonard and Marian Jones Music in the Community Award
  • Departmental Prize – awarded annually for exceptional effort and application; exceptional progress; exceptional initiative in researching, preparing or presenting work, or in any other contribution to a class.

We had positive feedback last year and hope 2017 will be an equal success.

“Excellent evening, excellent organisation! Great to have families invited!”

“Meeting my friends again and receiving my certificate was fantastic!”

“A really pleasant atmosphere – warm, generous and respectful.  It all went like clock-work and I loved the violin performance!”

If you’d like clarification on eligibility for any of the qualifications, please contact your Tutor or relevant Coordinating Lecturer:

  • Jan Stephens – Business and Management, Politics and International Relations, Healthcare and Social Studies

Tel: 029 2087 6248    Email:

  • Dr Mike Evans – Computer Studies

Tel: 029 2087 4212   Email:

  • Dr Nick Jones – Humanities

Tel: 029 2087 0000   Email:

  • Helga Eckart – Modern Languages

Tel: 029 2087 5336   Email:

  • Dr Zbig Sobiesierski – Science and Environment

Tel: 029 2087 5264   Email:

  • Dr David Frayne – Pathways to a Degree

Tel: 029 2087 0000 Email:

Introducing new Pathways Co-ordinator Dr David Frayne

Find out more about the new Pathways Coordinator here at Continuing and Professional Education, Dr David Frayne.

Tell us what your role at Continuing and Professional Education entails.

I work here as the Pathways Co-ordinator, helping to oversee the many Pathways to a Degree courses we offer at the school.  In terms of day-to-day responsibilities, I do a fair amount of behind-the-scenes work, and also spend a lot of time answering enquiries and talking to students about their educational aspirations and progression.  This might involve helping students choose their course options, offering some support with study skills, or helping students to fill out their university applications and prepare for their degree interviews.  Many students can be a bit daunted by this process at first, but they are always relieved to find out that we have a good support system in place.

Before working as the Pathways Co-ordinator, I also taught for two terms on our Pathway to Social Science, designing the sociology component of the course and running the classes on a Tuesday evening.  This is one of the most enjoyable jobs I have ever had.  Everyone got to know each other well by the end, and I also had the pleasure of teaching many of the Pathway students later on, on their degree courses in the School of Social Sciences.

I will be attending the Pathways open day on 11th January, so I would invite anyone curious about Pathways to come and talk to me.  We now run Pathways in a wide range of subject areas, with students progressing from our courses on to undergraduate degrees every September.

What are your favourite parts of this role?

I like meeting the students at CPE because they have made a very conscious choice to study with us.  This means that there is a lot of enthusiasm in the classes.  Having a class of mature students with some life experience was also a real bonus when teaching a discipline like sociology.  There were always opportunities to tie the material to current events and personal histories, and the students’ voices and experiences became quite central to what went on in the classroom.  No two groups are ever the same.

What are your proudest achievements?

I am quite proud of my teaching awards.  I have won a few now, including a nomination for ‘Outstanding New Tutor’ from the National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education.  This was for my work on the Pathway to Social Science.

What did you do before you came to CPE?

It’s been quite a mixed-bag, altogether.  I was previously a lecturer in Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences, where I specialised in the areas of global and alternative education.  I also published my first book, The Refusal of Work, at the end of 2015.  The book argues for a future where jobs would no longer be so central to our survival, rights, and identities.  The reception has been quite overwhelming so far, with reviews in places like the Guardian and Financial Times.  I get invited to speak at quite a lot of events now, so on the days where I am not working in CPE, I can often be found talking about my book in bookshops and public debates, or on the radio.


If you’d like to find out more about our Pathways to a Degree courses, email: or call: 029 2087 0000.

Pathways Open Day – Wednesday 11th January 2017


Have you always wished you’d studied at University?  Would you like a second chance? Come and find out about our Pathway to a Degree courses. We offer programmes that enable adult learners to study towards a degree at Cardiff University. The programmes are taught part-time and in most cases no formal qualifications are necessary*.

Come along to speak to our Coordinators who will be able to discuss your learning options.

  • Date: Wednesday 11th January 2017
  • Time: 12.00 – 2.00pm
  • Venue: Cyber Cafe, Continuing and Professional Education, 21-23 Senghennydd Road, Cardiff CF24 4AG


*Applicants to the Pathways to a Degree from Cardiff Business School require a minimum GCSE grade B in mathematics (or equivalent); Applicants to the Pathways to a Degree in Modern Languages or Translation are required to have achieved a certain level in their chosen language/s.

Applicants to the Pathway to Healthcare: to enrol on all these Pathways you will need 5 GCSEs, grades A-C, to include Maths and English/Welsh. For the Pathway to Radiology and Radiotherapy you will need 5 GCSEs, grades A-C, including Double Science (or Physics and another Science), Maths and English/Welsh.