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Beginning Chaplaincy (Induction Programmes for Healthcare Chaplains)


This course is intended for any Chaplain with a year or less of experience in post.  Chaplains newly appointed to the NHS are eligible to attend, as are Chaplains’ Assistants, both lay and ordained, whole or part-time. It is open to Chaplains and Spiritual Care-Givers of all denominations and faiths.  Arrangements for worship and dietary needs will be tailored to delegates’ requirements.


The aims of the course are 

Above all, the course aims to enable chaplains to minister more confidently and competently in order to make a greater contribution to the life of Trusts and hospitals.

The main sessions are led by speakers, experienced in their particular field or discipline and, for the most part, are responded to by group discussions.  The course is also designed to give delegates the maximum opportunity for talking through their own special concerns and/or problems.  The residential nature of the course offers all kinds of opportunities for informal discussion, and delegates are encouraged to make full use of them.

The course is accredited by the University of Cardiff and attracts 20 level two academic credits on completion of appropriate follow-up work.  This follow-up work is designed to earth the learning which takes place during the course in the chaplain’s own context and work.

Subjects to be covered for Healthcare chaplaincy: 

During the programme there will be work in reflective groups.