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Widening Access

Introduction to Counselling and Psychology

Level 3, 10 Credits.

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Course Description

To introduce students to the influential psychological theories, involved in counselling approaches such as, Humanistic, Psychodynamic and CBT, It will incorporate modules on ‘child development’, such as attachment, together with personality and life-stage models. Also, looking at areas such as fulfilling potential and the role of self esteem.

Learning and Teaching

There will be interactive exercises, handouts, videos, power point, and group discussion. (Depending upon available facilities)


Students will gain a clear and concise understanding of the role developmental psychology plays within counselling and how these theories/approaches may be utilised as, a tool for self understanding and growth.

Students will be able to demonstrate how developmental theories such as attachment, lifespan stages, psychoanalytic and humanistic inform counselling approaches such as Rogerian, Psychodynamic and CBT. They will have an understanding of how these approaches differ and converge in practical application with presenting issues.


Some in informal class quizzes which can be carried out in small groups. A guided journal based on post session discussion questions or an 800 word essay on a chosen topic from a list of titles which will be provided.