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Introduction to Health Interpreting

Level 3, 10 Credits.

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Course Description

This course will give students an overview of the understanding, knowledge and skills required of a public service interpreter working in Health settings. It will include professional conduct, professional and career development, specialised terminology and basic skills.

How the course will be taught?

• Students will be introduced to the main principles of professional conduct for Public Service (PS) interpreters working in Health settings with reference to the Impartial Model of PS interpreting and will be guided to apply these principles to a variety of scenarios in health settings.

• The skills required of a PS interpreter will be outlined and demonstrated and students will be given an opportunity to practice them.

• Students will be guided to develop a glossary of specialised terminology and to practice the skill of paraphrasing.

Learning and Teaching

At the end of the course students should be able to demonstrate understanding of health terminology within Public Service (PS) contexts and provide accurate sight translation of a written PS document from their other language into English.

Students should be able to demonstrate comprehension of everyday PS terminology with focus on Health settings and of issues related to professional conduct and the role of the interpreter in Health settings.

Assessment and Coursework

Sight translation test from the student’s other language into English.

Recording of the sight translation will be assessed and marked using the assessment criteria: accuracy, clarity, fluency, completeness.

The students will undertake the test towards the end of the course to demonstrate their sight translation skills and comprehension of specialised medical terminology taught, researched and practised during the course.

Regular short written class tests and quizzes on terminology and issues related to professional conduct and role of the interpreter in Health settings. The students will be assessed on accuracy, relevance, grammar and spelling.

Content: session by session

1. Introduction and Practical Issues; Course content and assessment methods and criteria; Using Blackboard; Revision of the impartial model of PS interpreting
2. Mock DPSI exam (oral part); Resources for terminology research and creating glossaries
3. Structure of the NHS and range of settings; Health Service Professionals. Midwives and health visitors.
4. Role of the PS interpreter; Role plays and interventions applying principles of professional conduct. Dentistry.
5. Introduction to note taking; Taking a medical history; Questioning techniques.
6. Revision of interpreting skills and techniques; Career prospects, CPD, qualifications.