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Engaging Stakeholders: The Surprising Truth

How do high performers engage people differently? A recent study by Patrick Mayfield, Managing Director of Pearcemayfield posed this question and drew some startling conclusions, particularly around identifying where the attention and effort of high performers actually focused.Cardiff University Project Management Alumni event

Patrick, author of Practical People Engagement, presented his findings at a recent Cardiff University Project Management Alumni event and ran a workshop to discuss some key issues raised. The presentation centred on the traits shown by high performing project managers. These ‘Alpha Traits’ were in three key areas – self-awareness, time invested in relationship building and allocating time to deal with the ‘unexpected’.

Patrick Mayfield observed: “Once again I was struck by the familiar challenges the Alumni shared about the difficulties posed by the people they work with. There are some very simple solutions, but we have been taught to look in the wrong places. I’m encouraged that, increasingly, we are seeing professionals leading people to significantly better outcomes. In these cases, everybody wins.”

Insights into the session were sent as ‘twitter teasers’ before the event with key points being tweeted live during the workshop via @CardiffUniCPD

Clare Sinclair from Cardiff University commented: “We selected the topic for the annual Project Management Alumni event as it was based on a current study that would provide useful and practical insights to help in the day-to-day job. During the event there was a real buzz in the room with interaction during the workshop being high.  Feedback from the session was very positive with the 2-hour breakfast format being praised as working well for busy project managers.”