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The Pathway to Social Science has got off to a great start!

Pathway to Social Science

The Pathway to Social Science has got off to a great start. There are 21 students enrolled who show commitment and enthusiasm for their studies. In this first of three modules, Contemporary Issues in Social Science, students explore key sociological concepts such as socialisation, culture, and inequality, thinking about how these issues relate to class, gender, and ethnicity in contemporary society.

Saturday school success!

All students on the Pathway have been out of learning for some time and an additional day school was designed specifically to support them in their assignments. They benefited from presentations, quizzes and working together to develop their research and writing skills.

Tutor Dr. David Frayne said: It was a great day! Good fun, but we also got a lot done and nobody was put off by the assessment.
A second Saturday school for study skills is scheduled later in the course.