Taking your first steps towards a degree in Social Science.

What can you expect from the pathway to Social Science?

Lisa Cullen - Pathway to Social Science Student

This is what Lisa Cullen (one of our Pathway to Social Science students) had to say about her experience so far.

Lisa Cullen took the Women into Public Life and Women into Management courses at the Centre, and went on to study psychology and counselling to help in her role as a voluntary Youth and Community Worker in Ely. Lisa heard about the new Pathway to Social Science through her tutors.

Lisa says “I left school with no qualifications as I didn’t see the importance of education. It is only after the last few years that I have come to recognise that knowledge is the key to a successful life which has led me to Cardiff University. I have met inspirational tutors and students on my journey towards the Pathway to Social Science and I now realise that we all can achieve our dreams – if we put in the hard work! I have gained confidence and self-belief.”

Why not start your learning journey by enrolling on the Pathway to Social Science? The Centre will take new enrolments from August 2013. If you would like to find out more in the meantime contact Jan Stephens StephensJ4@cardiff.ac.uk or calling 029 2087 6248.

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The Pathway to Social Science has got off to a great start!

Pathway to Social Science

The Pathway to Social Science has got off to a great start. There are 21 students enrolled who show commitment and enthusiasm for their studies. In this first of three modules, Contemporary Issues in Social Science, students explore key sociological concepts such as socialisation, culture, and inequality, thinking about how these issues relate to class, gender, and ethnicity in contemporary society.

Saturday school success!

All students on the Pathway have been out of learning for some time and an additional day school was designed specifically to support them in their assignments. They benefited from presentations, quizzes and working together to develop their research and writing skills.

Tutor Dr. David Frayne said: It was a great day! Good fun, but we also got a lot done and nobody was put off by the assessment.
A second Saturday school for study skills is scheduled later in the course.