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Professional Development team welcomes a new member

The Professional Development Team at Cardiff University welcomes Liz Britton as Foreign Languages Project Officer this month.  Liz will be responsible for establishing demand for languages within businesses, developing learning solutions, as well as marketing and promoting the language services offered to businesses by the university.

The Professional Development Team has seen an increase in demand for business language skills and has recently worked with several businesses to provide highly successful bespoke language courses.

British business is losing out because of the lack of foreign language skills in the workforce.  Clare Sinclair, Business Development Manager said: “It’s becoming difficult to solely rely on English when doing business.  The British Chamber of Commerce is putting pressure on UK businesses to break into exporting to help grow the economy. In response to this we are developing and strengthening our business language provision. Speaking another language can help make international dealings run more efficiently, build strong relationships with foreign customers and help win new business.”

Liz has considerable language experience having previously worked at the International Baccalaureate Organisation and providing freelance proofreading and editing services.  She has considerable professional experience in curriculum and assessment design and implementation.