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Cardiff University supports local A-level students in STEM subjects

Cardiff University ran free revision sessions for local A-level students that are due to sit their Chemistry and Physics exams this week.

These initial revision sessions are part of the University’s A-level master classes comprising three days of support, including two days of solid revision followed by a visit day to Cardiff University. As well as revision opportunities, students also receive all-important advice on what to do after the exam, such as: advice on applying to university and what sort of careers are available to them in their chosen subjects. They also get to meet academic staff, their potential future lecturers, and get a flavour of what university life is like.All students from Cardiff’s inner-city state schools were given the opportunity to come to Cardiff University, an encouraging and academic environment, to help them prepare for their exams and sit practice papers.

Louise Gray, Widening Access Manager at Cardiff University, said: “We offer a wide range of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at Cardiff University and we are looking for more applications from talented young people. The revision sessions have been devised to increase the attainment in these subjects and ultimately raise the number of students interested in applying to university.”

Susan Miles, Lecturer in Physics/Quality and Operational Manager at Cardiff and Vale College, provided the tutoring for the students on the Physics revision sessions. Susan said: “The AS students greatly benefitted from the intensive revision days at the University. They provided a valuable opportunity for students to prepare for their January exams and hopefully they’ll get some excellent results. It was a fantastic experience for the students to work in a university setting for the day. Many of the students will be applying to University next year and I’m sure they’ll be encouraged by this. Cardiff University is a popular choice for many of our students, after their College courses.  Cardiff and Vale College has strong links with the University which we hope to strengthen.”

Lauren Powel, one of the students that attended the Physics revision session, said: “It allowed other students and myself the opportunity to place ourselves within a calm environment where we we’re capable of studying and revising along with our peers. I give nothing but praise to those involved, and many thanks to those who gave up their personnel free time to aid us in the final preparations towards our exams.”

Laura Murphy, another student that attended the Physics revision session, said: “I thought the day was helpful and I really enjoyed it. Revision is something I struggle with, but I picked up a few new techniques that will be useful for my upcoming exams. It’s a nice experience to learn in a different environment and to see how physics is taught elsewhere.”

Cardiff University is planning to run more revision sessions in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology and English in the run up to the summer exams.