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Lean Skills for Leaders’ Training


Lean Skills for Leaders’ (LSFL) Training Programme is designed for members of staff who are considered to be influential, positive person and keen to help Cardiff University to improve. Lean is a way of thinking which enables organisations to examine today so that we can work together to improve tomorrow. It offers us a proven change methodology to help our staff to overcome obstacles to their work whilst increasing the value that we provide to our customers, be they internal customers (our own staff), students or research funders.

Participating in this course will help staff to understand how Lean really works and how it can be applied successfully within their own working environment -- equipping them with some useful techniques in order to help teams identify problems within systems. They will then be able to work with their staff to overcome these issues.

By providing key individuals across the University with process analysis and improvement skills we are embedding Lean thinking within our organisation, making Lean simply ‘how we do things at Cardiff’.

Course Structure

This course has been designed to be as practical and useful as possible. Lean thinking requires people to adopt a ‘scientific approach’ to improvement work. Becoming a ‘learning organisation’ which experiments with new ideas and approaches is the cornerstone to becoming a successful Lean organisation. Consequently, this course will involve both classroom activity and you carrying out your own ‘improvement experiments’ within your area of work. This will really help you to understand the best approach to take in order to achieve great results.

The course is structured over approximately 3 months covering 5 modules and is currently run over three cohorts within the Academic year with a minimum of 6 participants per cohort.

Module Description Project Work
1Introduction to LeanMeet with mentors & discuss project ideas
2The CustomerProject document and customer requirements
3MappingProcess map
4PDCA – Plan Do Check ActData and implementation plan
5Lessons learnt & final presentationPresentation

At the end of each module there will be “homework” given in connection with your selected Lean Project.

We need you to identify a process within your work area that would benefit from improvement. As we are going to be examining this process as the course progresses, it should be a process that occurs within your particular area of ownership. The main purpose of selecting a process to work on is to enhance the learning experience. Improvements to the process will come as a by-product as opposed to being the main purpose. Therefore it is essential that the process chosen is of a manageable size.

A good process to pick is one that:

  • Has distinct process steps
  • Has caused you headaches now or in the past
  • Has not been reviewed in a long time (or ever!)
  • Is mainly contained within your School/Division
  • Is sufficiently simple to be completed as part of your training

Examples could be the organisation of a regular event, collating of information, processing paperwork etc. To help you through you project, and so that you get as much of the course as possible, a member of the Lean Team will be assigned to you as your mentor. Your mentor will not do your project work for you but is there as a source of help and advice whenever needed.

Prior to the start of the course your mentor will contact you to arrange to speak with both you and your line manager to discuss what is involved with the course, selection of a suitable project and what happens once the course is successfully completed.

Completing the Course

On successful completion of the course you will have a better understanding and appreciation of the principles of Lean and how they apply in a university environment. You will have worked on a real project providing you with practical application of some of the tools and techniques used for improvement. The expectation will be that you will now be in a position to work on, and drive forward continuous improvement activities in your area, still with the support and help of the Lean Team where needed.

Course Booking

To participate on the Lean Skills For Leaders’ course or to find out more information please contact the Lean Team via e-mail or phone 02920 870 445

Please feel free to print and distribute the attached brochure on the Lean Skills For Leaders’ course for your team to be aware of the available training.

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