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Our Approach

We apply Lean at Cardiff University at three different levels within the organisation.


These are projects where we help areas develop a vision and purpose that could be worked towards and that everyone, in that part of the organisation , can get behind.


These are the projects that cut across the university involving a number of divisions and schools. Consequently they tend to be quite complex - not necessarily in terms of the process itself  - but in terms of the number of stakeholders.

With end to end processes we will work with a project team to complete a current state, develop a future state and then create an action plan to move from one to the other.

Continuous Improvement 

This is where activities are contained within a distinct area. This means there is far more control over making and embedding the improvements. However they make up only a small number of  the total number of processes within the University.

These type of improvement projects range from helping to free up peoples time to do more useful activities, helping to organise work better so that things are easier to find and do, helping to facilitate sessions to improve teamwork and understanding , changing work to cope with people leaving etc.