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Types of Lean Training


The Lean University Team can provide a range of training to best suit the needs of yourself, your team and/or your School or Directorate. The information provided here represents the structured training that we already have in place however, we are more than happy to discuss specific requirements and modify the training to suit.

Lean Skills For Leaders

The Lean Skills for Leaders Programme began in April 2008 as a way to equip managers with the ability to apply lean thinking in their part of the organisation.

The Programme offers a proven methodology to help staff overcome obstacles to their work whilst increasing the value that they provide to their customers, be they internal customers (other colleagues within the University), students or research funders.

Participants in this course will learn how lean really works and how it can be applied successfully within their own working environment. It will equip participants with some useful techniques in order to help teams identify problems within systems. Participants will then be able to work with their own staff to overcome these issues.

To date, forty-three members of staff have completed LSFL training and are now part of the Lean Network which aims to share best practice across the University.

Local Lean

Local Lean is suitable for everyone. With sessions lasting no more than one and a half hours, they provide the ideal introduction and aim to aid the process of self directed continuous improvement. They are available as open sessions or can be run for specific teams. Although there is no set order to the sessions it is recommended that all participants attend the “What is Lean?” first.

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