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Lean Community of Practice (CoP)

Have you ever:

  • Thought “there must be a better way of doing this”
  • Thought someone else must have tackled the same problem already?
  • Wondered if someone else knew the answer?
  • Wanted to share a piece of work but haven’t had anyone to talk to?
  • Had an exciting idea but no-one to discuss it with?
  • Struggled to solve a problem only to have someone tell you six months later “We did that years ago”
  • Felt isolated when trying to implement something new?

Then the Lean Community of Practice is for you!

Community of Practice

The Lean Community of Practice has been set up to link people with an interest in continuous improvement. It is a group of individuals who network informally to exchange information, share knowledge, discuss problems and share frustrations, access peers and expert help and also provides a way to disseminate good ideas. The long term aim of the CoP is that it will perform a critical role in the University of sharing best practice and transferring and applying business knowledge.

The Lean CoP meets regularly and is open to any Cardiff University colleagues who would like to come along. Throughout the year we run a number of events aiming to introduce members to many of the tools, techniques and concepts behind Lean. These sessions are interactive as well as informative and aim to aid the process of self directed continuous improvement. If you would like to attend a future event or have some ideas for topics etc please contact the Lean Team via e-mail or phone 02920 870 445

An Online CoP has also been set up on the Connections Platform as a place to ask questions, find information, share things that are working well and ask for help with things that aren't working so well... as well as lots of other things in between.

To access the Community connect to the Connections website in the usual way and search for Lean Community of Practice or click here.

You will need to log in using your University login details. Unfortunately this site is only available for Cardiff University colleagues. Any problems contact the Lean Team via e-mail or phone 02920 870 445.