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Archived Articles

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Image for Week 6 Article How to Train Your Dragon

 How to Train Your Dragon 




Image for Week 6 Music Article Illegal Downloads

 Illegal Downloads 





Image for Week 6 News Article 'Exams Research'

 Exams Research 




Image for Week 6 Sport Article on South Africa

 Sport in South Africa 




Image for Week 6 TV Article on Zoe Lucker

 Zoe Lucker 




Image for Week 4 Unilife Article

 Unilife - Gwilym's Diary Entry 6 





Image of Week 5 Article Hairspray

 Hairspray the Musical 




Image for Week 5 Music Article Lady Gaga

 Lady Gaga 




Image for Week 5 News Article on Natural Disasters

 Natural Disasters 2010 




Image for Week 5 Sport Article on Portsmouth

 Portsmouth Football Club 




Image for Week 5 TV Article on Dr.Who

 Doctor Who 




 Unilife - Gwilym's Diary 





Image of Week 4 Article Alice in Wonderland

 Alice in Wonderland 





Image for Week 4 Music Article UK Music Festivals

 UK Music Festivals 2010 




Image for Week 4 News Article on St. David's and St. Patrick's Day

 St. David's and St. Patrick's day 




Image for Week 4 Sport Article on Sports Relief 2010

 Sport Relief 2010 




Image for Week 4 TV Article on Glee





Image for Week 4 Unilife Article

 Unilife - Gwilym's Diary 





Image for Week3 Film Article 'Up'

 Disney Pixar's 'Up'





Image for Week3 Music Brit Awards 2010

 The Brit Awards 2010




Image for Week3 News Article 'Valentines Day'

 Valentines Day




Image for Week3 Sport Article 'Six Nations 2010'

 Six Nations 2010





Image for Week3 TV Article 'Dancing on Ice 2010'

 Dancing on Ice




Image for Week3 Unilife Article

Gwilym's Diary: Back to Uni





Image for Week 2 Film Article

 Sherlock Holmes





Image for Week 2 Music Article

 Reality TV Popstars





Image for Week 2 News Article

 New Year's Resolutions





Image for Week 2 Sport Article

 FIFA World Cup 2010





Pic for Week 2 TV Article

 X-Factor Vs. The Public





Image for Week 2 Unilife Article

 Gwilym's Diary: After Christmas






Image for Week 1 Twilight New Moon Article

 The Twilight Saga - New Moon




Image for Week 1 Christmqas No.1 Article

 The Race for Christmas No.1 2009




Image for Week 1 NEWS Article Winter Escapes

 Where are this Year's Winter Escapes?




Image for Week 1 SPORTS Article Winter Sports

 Winter Sports




Image for Week 1 TV Article Gaivin and Stacey

 Gavin and Stacey Series 3




Image for Week 1 UNILIFE Article

 Gwilym's Diary - The Christmas Break






Image star trek

Star Trek



Image Green Day Musical

Greenday The Musical



Image Ebay Vs Amazon

Ebay Vs. Amazon




Image Formula 1 Brawn GP

Formula1 - Brawn GP



Image The Apprentice

The Apprentice



Image Personal Statement

Writing Your Personal Statement




X-Men Origins-Wolverine Image

X-Men Origins: Wolverine



Image for Susan Boyle

The Amazing Susan Boyle



Image for The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Owners Sent to Prison



Image Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League (IPL)



Image Britains Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent 2009



Image Ucas

UCAS - Getting into University




Picture for Week3 Film Article Monsters Vs Aliens

Monsters Vs. Aliens



Picture for Week 3 Music Article U2 Tour

U2 Tour



Picture for Week 3 News Article Brain Training

Brain Training



PIcture for Week 3 Sport Article Six Nations 2009

Six Nations 2009



Picture for Week 3 TV Article Gavin and Stacey

Gavin and Stacey




Picture for Week 3 Unlife Article University Challenge

University Challenge



Pic for slumdog millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire




pic for oasis tour

Oasis Tour




picture for credit crunch

Credit Crunch




varsity match pic

Varsity Match




being human picture

Being Human




unilife picture

Cardiff University Students' Union




Welcome to Languagezone

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Barack Obama

Andy Murray


The Other Boleyn Girl

The Eurovision Song Contest

101 Year Old London Marathon Runner!

Formula1 Racing Against Racism


Dan's Diary: Entry 8