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The Diary of Sarah D

Sarah D

¡Qué cansancio! I have just finished preparing my A Level oral presentation and ¡Dios mío! how on earth am I supposed to remember all those details. It’s not just about learning grammar and vocab and stuff but I’m actually supposed to fool someone that I actually know something about bullfighting and argue about it. At this rate by the time I actually come up with the facts the bull (disguised as the examiner) would have already knocked me over! ¡Socorro! ¡Socorro! I’ve been trying to listen to Spanish radio on the internet but they seem to be speaking so fast that all the words roll in to one. I really hope they get someone who speaks at a normal speed to speak on my listening exam tape rather than Speedy Gonzalez! Saw the film Traffic the other day. Was really pleased that I could actually understand what they were saying without reading the subtitles! ¡Qué guay! (How cool!) Anyway must rush, lots of work to do and I have an exam tomorrow - ¡qué asco! (Yuck!)