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So you've got a degree… what now?

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A degree in a modern language is an open door to a world of new opportunities. Some of the more obvious careers for someone with a degree in Spanish are those of translation (traducción), interpreting (interpretación), which can lead to a job in the Foreign Office (Oficina de Asuntos Exteriores), or in the European Parliament (Parlamento Europeo) in Brussels (Bruselas), or elsewhere in the world as a diplomat.  A Spanish degree even allows you to work in Latin America!  As a translator you are likely to be required to translate documents both from Spanish into English and English into Spanish.

Another option for a language graduate is to go into teaching (enseñanza).  This can be teaching at any level: Primary or Secondary school, A Level or even teaching students at university!  You can even travel the world teaching English as a Foreign Language (this is known as TEFL).

The business world of today is crying out for future employees who speak more than one language since this enables communication with foreign countries.  Being a Spanish speaker (hispanohablante) is not your only advantage, however, as many foreign companies prefer to employ native English speakers rather than those who have learned English as a foreign language to speak to their overseas clients.

Whatever you decide to do if you study Spanish at university, the world is your oyster!