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Gwilim’s Diary

Casi no puedo creer lo: I’ve done 4 years en la universidad and now I’m about to go and get a job! But primeramente let me tell you all about my Erasmus year abroad...

Os acordáis de que I went to work for an aeroplane company in Madrid? It’s was absolutely amazing! (A propósito: my compañero de piso was really nice, we got on really well and he cooked me loads of Spanish food)

I spent the year looking after people who couldn’t speak Spanish and making sure that they got on the right vuelos and things like that. There were a couple of experiencias horripilantes but everything se solucionó al final. I also went to the parque quite a lot and now I’m really brown. I made so many amazing friends and now I can volver a España whenever I like and stay with them, which isguay. Some of my friends spent their Erasmus year at University in different countries and they’ve made montones de nuevos amigos, también. We really do recommend that if you can spend a year away during your degree, that you no lo dejaráis escapar because it’s just fantastico!

Este año estudio muchísimo because it’s almost time for my final exams, and I have to do really well. First of all I have a job in an office in Cardiff where I should be able to use some of my Spanish. I need the job to cobrar dinero and there’s a really good reason for that: I’ve decided that I’m going to go to South America donde se habla español with a charity for four months! It’s really exciting – I get to meet even more people, travel, and best of all cambiar totalmente some other people’s lives. After that, I think I’ll either apply to do a PGCE to become a teacher, or I think I may work for MI5...nunca sabes: I could be the next James Bond! You need languages for any exciting job and since I speak Spanish: Perfecto!

Well amigos best of luck in your exams, wish me suerte too... And perhaps see you on the beach in Spain! Adiós!


A propósito – by the way

experiencias horripilantes – hairy experiences

se solucionó al final – worked out in the end

guay – cool

no lo dejaráis escapar – jump at it

cambiar totalmente – totally change

montones de nuevos amigos, también – loads of friends, as well