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The Diary of Sara D


Oh my goodness. This is it.  I’ve really done it this time.  I am on my own in a strange city and I know nobody.  My parents have just left me in my room in the halls of residence at university.  Aaaaaahhh! 


Things have certianly improved since yesterday.  I’ve just met this really nice girl who is living nextdoor.  ¡Qué suerte!  (what luck!)  Apparently I’m going to go and check out the bar downstairs and later, vamos a ir de marcha (we’re going out clubbing), at four o’clock in the afternoon — or at least I think that’s what she said.


So this is Freshers’ Week at university.  It hasn’t been too bad so far.  I did go out ‘clubbing’ yesterday at 4 in the afternoon.  Though I’m not sure I’d call a crowded pub with a miniscule dance floor a club.  Things did improve later in the evening though — we went to a great club.  We’re going out again tonight, can’t wait!!!  ¡Qué comienza la fiesta!  (Bring on the party!)


Woke up this afternoon, yes this afternoon.  Not sure what happened to the morning.  I seem to have acquired a straw hat and a pair of heart shaped earrings at some point.  ¡Qué cansancio!  I think I’m going back to bed for the rest of the day.  Not sure I’m cut out for all this partying…. Not!!!


Too much partying = not enough sleep.  Mum and Dad are coming this weekend to bring me a few more things.  I’d kill for a home cooked meal.  The kitchen here at uni is… yes, you guessed it ¡asqueroso! (disgusting!)  Maybe my parents will take me out for a meal??? Roll on Saturday!