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The Diary of Sara D

¡No me lo puedo creer!


Miss D

(I can’t believe it!)  What am I going to do?  I’ve got so much work to do and my exams are in 3 WEEKS!!! Aaagh!  Wish I’d started revising earlier… as usual!  Promised myself I would.  Of course… I didn’t!  Reading, reading, reading, more writing, listening, oral, when will it all stop!?!?  ¡Socorro!  (Help!)

My life took a turn for the better today por fin (at last!) — I’ve finally mastered the bane of my life: the difference between ser and estar.  Why can’t the Spanish just have one verb meaning to be???  It would make my life a whole lot easier!!! 

Today was a great day!  I only got through three packets of sweets but I’ve managed to learn loads of vocabulary!   I spent most of the day writing vocabulary down on various post-it notes and then sticking them on the objects in question: right in the centre of the TV screen (la pantalla), in the fridge (la nevera) and in a pair of my Mum’s tights (hehehe)!!!   Mum wasn’t too pleased to find post-its stuck all round the bathroom and kitchen and least of all when she found the rather screwed up pink one in her tights (medias)!  I thought it was very amusing and told her it was all in the name of education; she didn’t share the same opinion!  Some people will never be satisfied — one minute she’s having a go at me for not revising, the next, she wishes I’d find another way of doing so!  It worked like a dream though — roll on GCSEs!