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¡Hola amigos mios! ¿Y qué tal estáis? Personalmente no va a las mil maravillas because I’m just about to go to my first lecture. Sabéis that last week I was just enjoying getting to know my other flatmates and going to all the cosas de Freshers’ Week on at the university union? Pues this week I actually start out as a verdadero estudiante.

It’s been a bit of a pesadilla in that I’ve struggled to get my timetable together. Honestly, no tienen ni pajolera idea de cómo organisarse! I had lectures that clashed, I had whole 4-hour periods without anything to do, and then I had to decide which sport I wanted to do on a Wednesday afternoon… ¡Qué insoportable!

But you’ll be happy to know that bien está lo que bien acaba because I now have my lectures sorted, I’m going to be jugando al fútbol on a Wednesday afternoon (all students get Wednesday afternoons off to play deporte) and doing a few other clubs during the week. My Spanish dictionario is sat waiting on my shelf and tomorrow I’m going for coffee with a couple of my compañeros de clase who I met when I was haciendo cola to sign up for classes. So it should all be good…

Hasta luego and I’ll let you know how I got on in my first classes, be good!



no va a las mil maravillas – it’s not going swimmingly

pesadilla – nightmare

no tienen ni pajolera idea de cómo organisarse – they couldn’t organise a knees-up in a brewery!

Qué insoportable! – What a pain in the neck!

bien está lo que bien acaba – all’s well that ends well