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Dan's Diary


I have had a really stressful few weeks.  I found a really nice house to live in next term but the alquiler is quite expensive so I had to find another job so that I will be able to afford it all.  I am working as a camarero in a bar in the city centre which is really good fun but it means that the time I used to spend socialising is now spent at work.  I also have a few ensayos due in after las vacaciones de Semana Santa and then there will be dreaded exams to revise for!

I’m also trying to ahorrar at the moment as I am thinking of spending the summer holidays abroad teaching English as a foreign language.  I am hoping to go to Spain so that I can practice some of my Spanish and so that I can comer tapas y beber sangria of course.

1. ¿Por qué Dan tenía que encontrar otro trabajo?

2. ¿Dónde trabaja Dan?


  •      Vocabulario    

    Alquiler:  Rent

    Camarero:  Waiter

    Ensayos:  Essays

    Las vacaciones de Semana Santa:  The Easter holidays

    Ahorrar:  To save money

    Comer tapas y beber sangria:  Eat tapas and drink sangria