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Let's Revise Spanish!



This time let’s do some really simple things — the kind of things you may already know: but trust me, if you get them right you’ll get brownie points in the exam.


these are words that DESCRIBE. So anything like blue, big, ugly, lazy, happy — the list’s endless. There are TWO things to remember in Spanish:

1: the adjective normally comes after the noun (name) but in English they come before:

So, "coche blanco" isn’t "car white" in English, because we say, ‘white car’.

2: Spanish adjectives agree with male/female words and number:

So, "coches blancos" isn’t "cars whites" in English since we say, "white cars".


add an —s onto the end of the adjective if the noun is plural.

Change an ‘o’ to an ‘a’ if the word is female

Do both if it’s a feminine plural!

Have a look at this:

Un coche blanco

2 coches blancos

Una casa blanca

2 casas blancas

Do you get what I mean?!