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El Diario de Gwilym


Gwilym's Diary

I’m Gwilim and I’m studying for a GCSE in español in a school in Cardiff. I’m quince years old and I have dos hermanos. Estoy harto de all the studying and coursework, but I suppose it’ll be worth it in the end? #

It’s SO much though: ¡Qué lata! I think I’m mostly worried about the orals — they’re going to be a pesadilla: help! And then there’s the actual exam: no tengo la más pequeña about how to write in Spanish.

I hope my teacher helps me. The thing is, other people tell me he’s a tío agarrado but actually I think he’s quite nice. Sometimes, teachers shout at you to ¡cállate! because they want you to do well, not just because they’re stroppy!

Anyway, I suppose I’d better stop writing now and go and do a bit more coursework before hanging out with my amigos — see you later!

Gwillim x


  •   Vocabulario  

    Estar harto/a de: to be fed up with

    ¡Qué lata! : What a nuisance!

    Una pesadilla: a nightmare

    No tengo la más pequeña: I haven’t got the foggiest idea

    Un tío agarrado: a meanie

    ¡Cállate! : Shut up!