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So you’re studying a foreign language?  That’s great news – you’re becoming a member of a worldwide club, and soon you’ll be able to communicate with them!

So you’re studying a foreign language at GCSE or A Level? That’s great news – you’re learning about other cultures and improving your communication skills everyday.  Soon you’ll be able to understand and talk in the language you’re studying quite comfortably.

So you’re studying a foreign language at GCSE or A Level and sometimes you need a little help?  That’s great news – you’ve come to the right place!  LanguageZone is designed specifically by students who’ve been in your shoes and know what helps to make learning a language easier.

LanguageZone is a fortnightly teen-interest newsletter written by students who speak other languages.  Each fortnight we publish six easy articles about Music, TV, Film, News, Sport and Uni Life, and all in Welsh, Spanish, French, German and Italian

Each article has four helpful features.  Firstly, there’s the main article.  We’ve tried to make it as useful as possible, so it will be either Starting Up (beginners), Moving On (intermediate) or Getting There (advanced).  Look at each article to see what difficulty level it is, and try some outside your comfort zone – it’s the best way to learn!

To help you along the way, our second feature is a vocabulary box by the side of each article.  This will explain any new or difficult words you haven’t come across, so you don’t have to reach for the dictionary every five minutes.  If you remember these new words, you’ll be amazed how quickly your language skills improve!

At the end of each article, we’ve written five comprehension questions.  These will help you to check that you’ve understood the article, and you can use them to test each other in your class, or even get your parents to test you!

The last new feature is mp3s.  Each article will have an mp3 file on the right hand menu for you to download and listen to while you read.  This gives you a flavour of how native speakers pronounce the article you’re reading, and help you to improve your listening skills for listening assessments and when you’re listening to native speakers.

All of these features are designed to improve your language skills.  Have a go and see how your skills improve – in no time you’ll be doing your homework without any trouble!

Our LanguageZone forums are learning zones where you can ask questions about languages – i.e. grammar, vocabulary etc – or any questions you have about studying at university.  If you are in year 12/13 and want to use the forums, contact