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Diary of Miss X

Miss D

10 Jan 05
Only 2 weeks left of revision — think I’m going to be bald with all this Stress — it’s hard enough revising for so many subjects, but Ich stehe unter so viel Druck because I really want these grades to get to Uni. Just feels like too much, I mean for my other subjects I just revise what I’ve been taught, do a bit of extra reading and it’s ok. But for this I feel all I have to learn is Deutsch. Have learnt quite a few Eselsbrücke which has helped heaps and I know I am able to do alright so Viel Glück! to me…

22 Dec 04
I can’t believe the hols are nearly over —I’ve got my mocks after xmas and don’t know where to start — I just seem to stare at my books, like that’s going to help. And mum’s not helping much either — she keeps saying that German’s easy, like English with an accent. I feel like I have to know so much to say something so simple — even when I do learn vocab, I can never remember the gender let alone figure out the case. It’s like I have to think for ten minutes to say, "I want to go to the toilet" and by that time I really do…

  • Eselsbrücke - memory aids