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University Challenge

Picture for Week 3 Unlife Article University Challenge

The BBC have disqualified the winners of University Challenge for breaking die Regeln, by using a contestant who was no longer a student.  The title has now been awarded to University of Manchester who were geschlagen by Corpus Christi College Oxford. Sam Kay was no longer a student when the finals were gefilmt instead he was working as an accountant, he said ‘’ er wollte niemanden verleiten’’. Jeremy Paxman, the quizmaster said ‘’ es tut mir leid, aber Regeln sind Regeln’’. The Manchester captain said that he was ‘saddened’ to have won this way.

Kay, says that he hugely regrets not confirming his change of status with the University Challenge programme makers before the final rounds.

1.) Wer ist disqualifiziert worden?

2.) Warum ist Corpus Christi College Oxford disqualifiziert worden?

3.) Wer sind jetzt die Gewinner?

4.) Wer war kein Student mehr?

5.) Wer ist Jeremy Paxman?

  •     Vokabeln    

    Die Regeln -  the rules

    Geschlagen -  beaten

    Gefilmt – filmed

    Er wollte niemanden verleiten -  he didn’t want to mislead anyone

    Es tut mir leid, aber Regeln sind Regeln – It is unfortunate, but rules are rules