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UCAS - Getting into University

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Choosing which University or college to go can be a life changing Entscheidung. Do as much research as possible so that you choose the richtigen Kurse for the right reasons. There are many benefits to higher education – and in some professions it is a must like Medicine and it can give you wichtige transferable skills that will help you be erfolgreich in your career and your social life.

You can apply to any course which interests you, but before you make your application you must make sure you reach the entry requirements. The UCAS website can give you Rat und Leitung which will help you choose the right course and Uni for you, as well as prepare you for any additional requirements. Auf dieser Seite visit Course Search which has information on every course in the UK – that’s over 50,000 courses to choose from.

1. Für was müssen Sie eine Entscheidung treffen?

2. Worüber müssen Sie forschen?

3. Was muss man machen, wenn man Medizin studieren möchte?

4. Lernt man auch andere Sachen an der Uni?

5. Welche Internetseite hilft Ihnen?

  •     Vokabeln    

    Entscheidung – decision

    richtigen Kurse – right courses

    wichtige – important

    erfolgreich – successful

    Rat und Leitung – advice and guidance

    Auf dieser Seite – On this website