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Writing Personal Statements

Image Personal Statement

As many Universities don’t hold an Vorstellungsgespräch, the only information they have is your UCAS form. The personal statement is the einzige Teil you really have control over, as the rest of the form is just facts and Einzelheiten.

When the admission tutors look at your personal statement, they are likely to ask: do we want this student on this course and an der Universität? To be the student, that Universities want, UCAS offer the following information: The ABC of personal statements.

A stands for activity. This beinhaltet academic study, extra-curricular activities in school and out e.g sports or Scouts.

B stands for Benefit. You must mention for each of the things you have listed above how you have benefitted from them, and how they have helped shape the person you are and who you want to be.

C stands for Course. Aim the information at the course. Why do you want to study? And  How will you make a Beitrag to the course?

Admissions tutors look at the applicants with a positive Einstellung, so just write about yourself so that they know you and feel confident enough to offer you a place.

1. Welche Informationen bekommt die Universität über Kandidaten?

2. Welche Fragen stellen die „admissions tutors“?

3. Was bedeutet ABC?

4. Warum möchten Sie studieren?

5. An welche Universität möchten Sie gehen?

  •     Vokabeln    

    Vorstellungsgespräch – interview

    einzige Teil – only part

    Einzelheiten – details

    an der Universität – at the University

    beinhaltet – includes

    Beitrag – contribution

    Einstellung – attitude