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Dan's Diary


I can’t wait until my Geburtstag, it’s so nearly there, only two weeks to go! I haven’t decided yet what to do, but I was thinking of going paint-balling, it would be so cool! As I’m part of the paint-balling society from the students Union, I hope I will be able to book the whole place and fill it with a crowd of just my freunde.

I’m so glad I joined some of the societies on offer, as it is a great way to meet new people who have ähnliche interests, make friends, and it’s also so much fun! Being part of the Act One drama society, Spanish club, Live music and obviously paint-balling keeps me really busy and sociable.

Arbeitserfahrung in the summer is essential as I will need to practice my Spanish language skills and it will look good on my CV, when I have to bewerben for a job after Uni. I would like to go to a Spanish activity centre where I can help teach the children who go. Bring on the summer!

  1. Wann ist Dan’s Geburtstag?

  2. Was möchte er machen?

  3. Wer geht mit?

  4. Zu welchen Clubs gehört er?

  5. Was würde in seinem CV gut aussehen?

  • Vokabeln

    Geburtstag - Birthday

    Freunde -  Friends

    Ähnliche -  Similar

    Arbeitserfahrung – Work experience

    Bewerben (sich) - apply