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Miss X


Miss D

Well it has certainly been a hectic first few weeks here at Cardiff Uni. I’ve queued up for enrolment, have been out exploring Cardiff quite a lot and have also been doing plenty of work for my lessons.  Contrary to popular opinion, students do actually have to do some work!

One of the best things about being here so far is the societies I’ve been able to join.  You meet lots of new people and have fun at the same time.  I joined the French society, which is full of students who study French, students who are simply interested in France and students who are actually from France!  I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations in French and English, and found out that weekend trip to Paris that the society holds each year will be on the weekend before Easter holidays.  I’ve also joined the Dancesport society, where I’ve been going to Beginners Dance lessons — even though I’ve never danced before in my life!  There are about 200 people all learning to do things like salsa, cha-cha and rock and roll, taught by professional dance teachers.  I’m part of the Radio society too — we’ll be broadcasting across the local area later in the year!

I think there must be a society for everyone, and plenty of new things for you to try.  The sports societies include football, netball, hockey, swimming… - as well as lots of others like mountaineering, surfing and sailing.  All of the societies are on — the list is endless!   There’s just so much to do and not enough time to do it in — although I have got four years!  Hmm, I will be in France for one of those though…!