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Miss X

Miss D

Zut alors !  Here I am again  It seems like yesterday that I finished my GCSEs — now I’ve got to cope with my A-levels.  I love les matières that I’m studying ; especially the new French things that I’m learning… there’s just soooo much work !

We’ve been learning the conditional and future tenses, (it seems they never go away !), as well as going over everything we learnt at GCSE in more detail.

La semaine dernière, we watched ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘The Lion King’ in French, to improve our listening skills.  I was très heureuse when I realised I could actually understand some of it.  I must’ve learnt something this year !

French is definitely one of those things — practise practise practise — and it does sink in eventually, it just takes a while to realise it !  I really should’ve started listening to ma prof sooner, rather than just complaining that c’est trop difficile !

I’m going to go and improve my listening skills some more — watching French news on is fun !