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Diary of Sara D

Miss D

J’en ai marre !  I am sooo ‘fatiguée’.  I can’t believe how much revision I have to do for ‘les examens’.  I spent the whole day doing it yesterday — I got a page of the revision book done…  Well, it’s a start!

Apparently reading ‘le dictionnaire français’ isn’t a great way of remembering vocabulary, but I think it’s ‘une bonne idée!’  After all, there can’t be that many words to learn.

I’ve got to practice my speaking too.  Miss Jones says that she won’t ask me any hard questions, but I know she will — she’s mean like that!

Anyway, I’m off to watch the football, apparently there’s ‘une équipe française’ playing.  Now if that isn’t revision, I don’t know what is!

Sara D x