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Careers 'in' and 'with' languages

David Becham

Many people think that if you take French at university, or any other languages degree for that matter, the only jobs available to you afterwards will be careers ‘in’ languages like translation, interpreting and teaching. Many forget that a lot of other careers can be classed as careers ‘with’ languages, because if you are able to use languages in any job then the world is your oyster. In fact, languages graduates are some of the best employed in the world - because if you know more than one language you are able to broaden your opportunities in any career.  Even David Beckham has been trying to learn Spanish so that he can speak to his team-mates and fans in Madrid.  If you need to know other languages when you’re a footballer, then it must be useful for a lot of other jobs!

The first and probably most obvious careers that involve languages are in the travel and tourism industries.  Working at airports, on planes, in other countries as holiday reps and working at a hotel are just a few jobs that come into this category.  However, most major businesses also need employees with languages skills — how else would they communicate with other companies and customers across the world?  Even journalists at local newspapers need to be able to communicate with other countries to find out about stories and information from abroad.

So if you can think of a job or career that you might like to have in the future, it is extremely likely that we can give you an example of how you might use languages in that job.  Look in the message forums under the ‘other French questions’ section for the thread that asks you about future careers, write down your possible job or career, and we’ll let you know how languages might be useful.  Go on, give it a go!