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Le Journal de Dan - Starting Up



Wow, the year’s passing by so quickly.  I’m already having to start revising for the exams in May/June, and have a handful of essays to get through too.  It’s okay though, j’ai toujours l’occasion to see my friends chaque jour.  I have to get used to not going out quite so much in the evenings, but have had friends round to study too, which is cool. 

I’ve been thinking about l’été a lot lately, and what I might do pendant les vacances.  Apparently teaching English abroad is a good way to make money.  I’d be really well paid in Japan, but I think that’s a bit far away for my first time.  I’m going to stick with Spain…then I’ll be able to improve mon espagnol too.

All I have to do now is améliorer mon anglais !

A plus.

1. Dan voit ses copains combien de fois par semaine?

2. Il pense de quelles vacances en ce moment ?

3. Qu’est-ce qu’il veut faire ?

4. Que faut-il faire avant de partir ?


  •     Vocabulaire    

    (avoir) l’occasion – to have the opportunity

    chaque – each

    pendant – during

    améliorer – improve / make better