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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Robert. I write the English articles for LanguageZone. I'm 23 and I'm a student at Cardiff University. I'm studying for a degree in English Literature — I came to Cardiff five years ago for university but I loved it so much I stayed to do another course! I also did French last year and I'm taking a course in Spanish at the minute. I live with two friends, one from near Nottingham and one from Cardiff — but she lived in Spain for ten years, so she helps me with my Spanish homework.

In my spare time I love going out in Cardiff, especially to the Millennium Stadium. I saw Wales play there last weekend and they won. My favourite part of Cardiff is Cathays. I love all the cafes there where you can get fried breakfasts.

The worst thing is the rain — while I type this it's raining very hard outside!I'd better send this off now, hopefully I'll talk to some of you soon on the forum. Bye!