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Gwilym's Diary

Oh dear. Last night was parents' evening and I didn't get a very good report. All my teachers said I could do much better but I didn't try hard enough. I'm supposed to do an hour's homework every night but I don't know when — in between football, dinner and seeing my friends there's not enough time in the day!

I have a mentor from the university now. She comes in once every week to help me with my homework — at least that's what she should be doing. She keeps saying she won't do it for me. Her name's Natalie.

Natalie only came to Cardiff last year (she's a student), the same as me. I'm originally from Bala in North Wales. Nearly everyone speaks Welsh there — all the classes in my old school were in Welsh and my Gran doesn't even speak English!

Anyway, enough about me. I'll write more next time. Bye!