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I'm a celebrity get me out of here!

Frost With Worms

A whole load of people who used to be famous, in a jungle in Australia, eating creepy-crawlies and shouting at each other. What is it that makes such an unpromising idea into must-watch TV every day for a month?

For starters, cheeky chappies Ant and Dec are about as loveable as pint-sized presenters can be. With their northern accents and friendly sense of humour they make even the thought of crawling through an ants' nest sound like a fun family activity.

Then there's the contestants. They're all so desperate to be famous that you don't have to feel sorry for them, they REALLY want to be there. It almost seems like a public service to make them build a camp with only a blunt machete and a ball of string.

And finally there's the fact that whatever bad happens, it's happening to someone else a long way away — I'm watching it all from my comfy sofa at home.

Anyway, it's in sunny Australia — that has to beat Barry Island any day, right?