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Casino Royale

Casino Royal

Casino Royale is the latest James Bond adventure— the 21st film and the first outing for new Bond star Daniel Craig. It's also the second film with that name after a 1967 spoof of the whole series.

Based on the original book by Ian Flemming, the film is set at the very beginning of James Bond's career, before he became a secret agent. A lot of the characters that feature in later films also make an appearance in Casino Royale — but we won't spoil the ending and tell you which ones!

Daniel Craig was a controversial choice to carry on the role of James Bond, but he seems to have wowed the crowds. And anyone who saw him in the Britflick Layer Cake will notice he's put on a lot of muscle for this role! Craig's co-star is the beautiful Vesper Lynd, a fellow MI6 agent played by actress Eva Green. She wasn't the first choice either — Angelina Jolie was originally going to take the part — but the director was definitely right to hold out for these actors. They sizzle on-screen and even the girls seem to have fallen madly in love with Ms Green!

As for the plot: the film begins with the familiar look down a gun barrel at a silhouette of James Bond, the music plays and … well, that'd spoil it!