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High Five!

Borat has landed. Our very own Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G) has taken America by storm and kicked up a storm of protest from San Francisco to Kazakhstan. Even the elderly couple he filmed in Romania have hired a top American lawyer to sue him.

This is the story of a local celebrity sent from Kazakhstan to make a film about the United States — 'for make benefit glorious nation' — and about the innocent people he manages to confuse and insult along the way. Featuring a gang of black rappers who teach him to speak slang and an etiquette coach who doesn't teach him to use toilet paper, this film had the audience cheering in the cinema.

The film is offensive to almost everyone, and extremely racist. But in typical style, Jewish creator Sacha Baron Cohen has recently launched a lawsuit against himself as Borat to complain. Confused? It's not even worth thinking about — sit back and enjoy.