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KTP Projects

We have a successful portfolio of KTP projects, working with companies and organisation across all sectors. The following list outlines just a few of our projects, past and present.


Company Partner

KTP Project description

School & Lead Academic(s)


Advanced Medical Solutions plc

AMS Logo



To generate and embed methods of in vitro biofilm formation and use these to assess the antimicrobial performance of existing and new wound care products.

School of Dentistry

Dr David Williams



Agilent Logo


To adapt and embed as an Agilent product, a technology to sensitively measure genome-wide ultraviolet light induced DNA damage for photogenotoxicity testing in human cells.

School of Medicine

Dr Simon Reed

AgriSense BCS Ltd

Agrisense Logo


To develop, design and test a carbon dioxide-based insect trap with on-board power via a thermoelectric generator.

School of Engineering

Dr Richard Marsh

BRE (Building Research Establishment)

BRE Logo


To investigate and develop the deployment of a cost-effective renewable energy package, targeting homes in different geographical, climate and energy supply contexts across Wales.

School of Engineering

Prof Yacine Rezgui

Dr Christina J Hopfe

European Thermodynamics


European Thermodynamics logo


To establish thermoelectric module fabrication capability in the UK for creating a key energy device in supply chain of energy harvesting systems.

School of Engineering

Dr Gao Min


Finite Element Analysis Ltd (i)


Lusas Logo



To develop and market a new software module for the coupled thermal-hydro-mechanical finite element analysis of major civil engineering structures.

School of Engineering

Dr Tony Jefferson

Finite Element Analysis Ltd (ii)


Lusas Logo




To develop and market a state-of-the-art software module for non-linear earthquake analysis of civil engineering structures.

School of Engineering

Dr Tony Jefferson

Ford Motor Company (i)


Ford logo


To develop a new data analysis capability to support comprehensive labour and overhead cost reporting and effective decision making in operation.

School of Computer Science

Dr Jianhua Shao

Ford Motor Company (ii)

Ford logo


To apply simulation, intelligent optimisation and 'Fit' Manufacturing methods to engine manufacture, inspection and assembly, in order to investigate the impact of factors on production.

School of Engineering

Dr Anthony Soroka

Mr Paul W Prickett

Ford Motor Company (iii)

Ford logo


To develop Ford’s capacity in resource efficiency and environmental performance through improvements in waste management and effluent treatment at the Bridgend Engine Plant.

School of Engineering

Dr Devin Sapsford

Dr Talib Mahdi

GAMA Healthcare


Gama logo



To enhance GAMA Healthcare’s products, create data demonstrating their efficacy and lay the foundation for an R&D facility to enable GAMA to develop products independently.

School of Pharmacy

Dr Jean-Yves Maillard

Healthcare Learning Company

Healthcare Learning Company Logo


To develop a web-based Guided Self Help programme for mild to moderate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

School of Medicine

Prof. Jonathan Bisson

LAS Recycling Ltd

LAS Recycling Logo


To identify, design and plan for the installation of technology to process residual materials arising from the Material Recovery Facility.

School of Engineering

Prof Anthony J Griffiths




Llamau Logo


To investigate how the interplay between characteristics of young people with experiences of homelessness and service provision can you optimised to foster effective intervention.

School of Psychology/School of Medicine

Dr Katherine Shelton

Dr Marianne van den Bree


Modern Water

Modern Water Logo


To transfer expertise and access to micro engineering related facilities to enable the development of miniaturised, low cost and commercially in-demand solutions for environmental monitoring.

School of Engineering

Prof David A Barrow

SKF Aerospace

SKF logo


To develop novel composite materials for high strength, light weight, low friction bearings for aerospace applications and embed the capability to develop new materials.

School of Engineering

Prof Sam L Evans

Dr Rhys Pullin



Steris logo


To develop new disinfectants with enhanced, rapid activity through better understanding of the mechanisms of action of biocides against bacterial spores such as Clostridium difficile

School of Pharmacy

Dr Jean-Yves Maillard


Unilever logo


To develop bioluminescent challenge test bacteria and a high throughput method for preservative efficacy testing and the screening of novel preservative agents.

School of Biosciences

Prof Eshwar Mahenthiralingam  

Welsh Government

Welsh Government logo


To determine the barriers and facilitators to embed alcohol brief interventions within the NHS - leading to a model for future programmes e.g. obesity/smoking.

School of Dentistry

Dr Simon C Moore

Prof Jonathan Shepherd


Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley logo


To deliver a sustainable lean culture to support long term strategy.

Cardiff Business School - Lean Enterprise Research Centre

Mr Simon Elias

Dr Pauline Found