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The Process

1. Check the feasibility of your project

Not all projects will be suitable for a KTP.

Company or academic partners may discuss a possible project with staff from the KTP Office at the University

2. Starting a Knowledge Transfer Partnership

At the heart of a KTP is the relationship between a company that has a strategic need and Cardiff University with the expertise to help the company address that need. Establishing a Partnership is not an automatic process and a good starting point is to contact the KTP Office at Cardiff University

3. Completing the application paperwork

The Partnership Proposal Form for a KTP is completed jointly by Cardiff University and the Company in discussion, and with input and advice from the KTP Office. The KTP Office is very familiar with the paperwork and can input and coordinate this part of the process. The proposal is, in effect, the first part of the Partnership as well as a means for providing information about the proposed participants and their objectives. It also requires detail on the proposed work plan for the KTP Associate.

4. Submitting the Proposal

When completed, the Partnership Proposal Form needs to be agreed first by the KTP Office and then submitted by the KTP Office to the UK KTP Programme Office for consideration at a forthcoming meeting of the Partnership Approvals Group (PAG).

5. Consideration of proposals

The PAG meets at regular intervals throughout the year. Its membership comprises five senior KTP Advisers, the Programme Director, and an official from the Technology Strategy Board who has the authority to approve Proposals for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. A high percentage of Cardiff University applicants result in grant support, although before a grant offer letter is issued there is sometimes a request for additional information or, for modifications to be made to the Proposal. Potential KTP Partners will normally be informed of the outcome of the meeting within 3 weeks.

It is worth noting that Cardiff University's KTP Office has a 90% success rate at gaining KTP funding due to its expertise in managing the application process.

6. Issue of the Grant Offer Letter

A Grant Offer Letter will be issued on behalf of the Technology Strategy Board to Cardiff University, with a copy going to the Company Partner. This will normally happen within three weeks of a Partnership Proposal being approved for support by the Technology Strategy Board on behalf of all the public sector bodies that fund KTP, but subject to any requirements for further information or for changes to be made to the Proposal. The terms and conditions of the Grant Offer Letter must be accepted in writing by Cardiff University. In addition to this Cardiff University has a standard agreement which covers issues such as Intellectual Property which the University will agree with the company partner.

Recruitment of a KTP Associate

The acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Grant Offer Letter marks the point at which the Partnership can begin to recruit and appoint their KTP Associate(s). The process of recruitment is undertaken jointly by both the Company Partner and Cardiff University, although the Associate's contract of employment is with Cardiff University. The objective must be to recruit the most appropriate Associate for the work and the KTP Office will provide advice. The Associate is expected to spend the majority of his/her working time at the company premises, or visiting the company partner’s stakeholders.

* Please note the process for Short KTP differs from the above model.