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How does it work?

How does KTP workHow does KTP work

With the help of a KTP Officer at Cardiff University, you will identify an academic who has the right expertise for your business. You can then define and agree a project that will enable you to draw on their expertise and apply it to your business. The agreed project could be for any length of time between one and three years, with the overall aim of helping your business make a step change in an area that you have identified as a high priority.

Which businesses can take part?

KTP has worked with over 3,000 organisations. From manufacturing to design, sustainability to marketing; any business sector, including 'not for profit' and public sector organisations such as the NHS, can take part. Businesses of all sizes can take part too. Ask a KTP Officer at Cardiff University for more advice.

What type of projects can we carry out?

KTP works across a wide range of academic disciplines throughout the University’s 28 Schools. Expertise from the University has helped many businesses improve their performance.

For example:

  • Improving existing products or developing new products
  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy to enter new markets
  • Developing new systems and frameworks to improve efficiencies in staff and processes
How does the project develop?

When you, the KTP Officer and academic partner have worked together to prepare a proposal, the KTP Office at Cardiff University makes a formal application to the Government for approval.

Once it has been approved, you and Cardiff University will recruit an Associate to work on the project. Your KTP Associate will be a recent graduate or postgraduate, will be employed by us, but will work in your business to manage the project, apply their own knowledge and ensure that our expertise is transferred into your business.

Our Academics remain closely involved throughout the project, working with people to contribute their own knowledge and experience. They will spend the equivalent of c. half a day each week supporting the project.