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What makes a good KTP partnership?

To ensure that a KTP is successful and a rewarding experience for all participants, there are a few practical guidelines that should be followed in the working relationships and in the construction of the programme of work.

Key amongst these are that the Partnership should benefit all the participants and that the partners must be committed to the Partnership and take joint ownership of it.

To maintain full interest and involvement of all throughout the Partnership, and to ensure maximum benefits, the Projects should:

  • Be of strategic importance to the company
  • Require expertise from Cardiff University
  • Be challenging for the Associate

Good project management is also important, in order to build on and develop a well planned Partnership. All the partners must meet at quarterly ‘Local Management Committee’ meetings to review progress, and decisions on the Partnership. These meetings are chaired by the Company Partner.

The Partnership Proposal Form process builds on these guidelines and a KTP Officer will be available to help with both the structuring of a strong Partnership and also with its ongoing management.