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How does it work?

Funded by Government organisations led by the Technology Strategy Board, KTPs involve the forming of a partnership between a company (known as the company partner) and Cardiff University, enabling you to lead rewarding and ongoing collaborations with innovative businesses who require access to skills and expertise to help their company develop.

The Partnership also involves one or more recently qualified people (Associates) to facilitate this transfer of skills and expertise.

As an academic supervisor, you will provide academic supervision to the Associate who works within the company on a project of strategic importance.

With the help and support of the KTP Office (within RACDV) you will define and agree a project that will enable you to draw on your expertise and apply it to the business partner. The agreed project could be for any length of time between two and three years, with the overall aim of helping the business make a strategic step change.

Which businesses can take part?

KTP has worked with over 3,000 organisations from manufacturing to design and sustainability to marketing. Any business sector, including 'not for profit' and public sector organisations such as the NHS, can take part and the size of the business is not a restriction. The KTP Office can advise you.

KTP works across a wide range of academic disciplines from over 140 knowledge bases.

For example:

  • Improving existing products or developing new products
  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy to enter new markets.
  • Developing new systems and frameworks to improve efficiencies in staff and processes
How does the project develop?

When you, Paul or Claire from the KTP Office, and the business partner have worked together to prepare a proposal, the KTP Office makes a formal application to Government for approval.

Once it has been approved, you and the business partner will recruit an Associate to work on the project. Your KTP Associate will be a recently qualified person such as a graduate or postgraduate. They are employed by Cardiff University, but work in the business to manage the project, apply their own knowledge and to transfer knowledge from the University into the business and vice versa.