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Types of KTPs

There are a variety of types of KTPs that can be undertaken, ranging from a duration of 6 - 36 months, depending on the type of project. 

Classic KTP

These projects are usually based around the company's identified strategic business need and typically last between 12 and 36 months. A classic KTP's main objective is to to transfer knowledge and skills in order to assist the company with their need, leading to innovative outcomes such as new product development or process enhancement.

Short KTP

Short KTPs aim to address shorter term, tactical business issues and can either standalone, run in parallel with or follow on from a classic KTP. These typically last between 6 and 12 months and are aimed at independent, micro and SME businesses which have the potential for growth, and have a project requiring expertise that is unavailable within the organisation. Some large enterprises, public sector and third sector organisations may also be eligible. Partnerships may have more than one shorter KTP running consecutively or concurrently.

Enhanced KTP

An enhanced KTP is a new scheme driven by the Welsh Government; following the same principles as the classic KTP but brings in an additional partner from overseas (either a company or a Higher Education institution). An eKTP typically lasts 36 months and the KTP Associate is at post doctoral level or studying  for a PhD as part of the project.  

To qualify for funding the project need to fit within the Welsh Government's priority areas for funding: Energy and Environment; Advanced Materials and Manufacturing; Creative Industries; Financial and Professional Services; Life Sciences; ICT; Food and Farming; Construction; and Tourism.

Themed Calls

Innovate UK is committed to increasing the number of business led, technology-based KTPs within its priority areas, and regularly initiates projects within these specified areas, making a subsequent call for applications. A full list of the current competitions can be found on our submission and themed call  pages.