We regularly secure research projects from a diverse range of funding sources including the research councils.

Our research projects from the last 18-24 months are listed on this page.

Project nameStarting dateFunder
Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying2016 
Martial Arts Studies Research Network2015AHRC
Managing ‘Threats’: Uses of Social Media for Policing Domestic Extremism and Disorder in the UK2015Media Democracy Fund, Open Society Foundations and Ford Foundation
Teaching and Learning Issues in the Disciplines2015Higher Education Academy
East Asian Martial Arts as Global Culture: Transmission, Representation, and Transformation in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom2015Suntory Foundation collaborative research grant
Improving allied health professional communication and practice: using research findings about family experiences of vegetative and minimally conscious states to create change2015ESRC (Impact Acceleration Account Award)
Analysis coding of television news2015Trade Union Congress
Analysis of EU newspapers2015UNHCR
Dying with Reduced Agency: People, Places, Principles and Policies2015GW4 Building Communities Programme - Accelerator Fund
TV news coverage of the 2015 UK General Election campaign2015ESRC
Screening Protest - (tele)visual narratives of dissent across time, space and genre2015SRC
From credit crunch to austerity Europe: how news narratives on the financial crisis are continually shifting and what this means for democracy2014ERC
Welsh Technology and Digital Media – Digital on Tour2014Welsh Government
Understanding and optimising health-related press releases as complex public health interventions2014ESRC
Digital citizenship and surveillance society: UK state-media-citizen relations after the Snowden Leaks2014ESRC
Voices of war and peace: the Great War and its legacy2014AHRC
'Fans on Foot'2014REACT
'Appraising potential legal responses to threats to the production of news in the digital environment'2014AHRC